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Welcome to Omiya. The Pioland Hotel is a 3-minute walk from the East Exit of Omiya Station.
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    We have implemented measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    Sightseeing Information

    A 3-minute walk from the East Exit of JR Omiya Station.
    A 30-second walk to the nearest convenience store.

    Saitama is home to many leisure facilities, packed with history and culture, and is a city brimming with humanity. So much to see and do! Please enjoy your time sightseeing in Saitama.


    Those who are in the know can tell you that Saitama Prefecture is sacred ground for Bonsai enthusiasts.
    The history of Bonsai in Omiya runs very deep, and in 1989, the first "World Bonsai Convention in Saitama" was held in Omiya.

    • Sushi Sakaya Ippo

      Tenant Shops

      B1FSushi Sakaya Ippo

    • HUB Omiya East Branch

      Tenant Shops

      1FHUB Omiya East Branch


      Enjoy the best that Saitama has to offer.
      You’ll love our breakfast featuring local cuisine! Our menu boasts a variety of dishes including local specialties offered in a buffet-style setting.
      *Some menu items may differ depending on availability of ingredients.
      As part of our measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the buffet format has been suspended and breakfast will be served on plates.

      Recommended Saitama Specialty Breakfast Items

      • Suttate Udon Noodles

        Suttate Udon Noodles

      • Miso Potatoes

        Miso Potatoes

      • Homemade Tofu with Fueki Brand “Kinbue” Soy Sauce

        Homemade Tofu with Fueki Brand “Kinbue” Soy Sauce

      Help make more children smile by eating breakfast.

      20 yen from every breakfast purchased is donated to organizations that help children that are suffering due to poverty or living in difficult environments.
      Customers may choose which organization they would like their donation sent to. This 20 yen is included in the price of your breakfast.

      • CHOOSE!


        Select the organization you wish to donate to; you may select TABLE FOR TWO or KATARIBA.

      • EAT!


        Eat your breakfast, and 20 yen of the cost of your meal will go to the organization you selected.

      • SMILE!


        The organizations provide school lunches for children in developing countries, help children in Japan who are living in poverty or other difficult environments, and support learning.

      Restaurant Information

      Hours6:30 - 9:00 (last entry at 8:45)
      Venue2F Frontier
      PriceWith advance reservation: ¥1,100/person (incl. tax)
      With same-day reservation: ¥1,320/person (incl. tax)
      *Free of charge for preschool-age children; regular price for elementary school-age children and older.
      When eating breakfast onlyPrice: ¥1,650/person (incl. tax)
      *Free of charge for preschool-age children; regular price for elementary school-age children and older.
      *Depending on the overnight guests’ usage situation, you may be asked to wait before being seated.


        The calming interior promises pure relaxation.
        We offer a full range of in-room services to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

        • Foreign-language assistance for guests visiting from abroad
          Currency exchange facilities located nearby

          We have English-language signage in the hotel as well as information materials for sightseeing in the surrounding area.
          There is also a multilingual interpreting device at the Reception Desk, so please feel free to speak to our staff. A currency exchange machine is available about a 1-minute walk from the hotel. You can rest assured that there are also several other places where you can exchange currency in the vicinity of Omiya Station.

        • An extensive Amenities Corner packed with items that guests will appreciate

          Our guests are welcome to customize their stay by augmenting our simply furnished guestrooms with amenities from our Amenities Corner in the Lobby.
          Please feel free to make use of whatever you may need. In addition, all rooms are equipped with other guest-friendly items such as negative-ion hair dryers and air purifiers with Nanoe technology.

        • Wi-Fi connectivity in all guestrooms

          Wi-Fi connectivity in all guestrooms

        • Implementation of VoD system

          Implementation of VoD system

        • Carefully selected bedding

          Carefully selected bedding

        • Complimentary pillow rental service

          Complimentary pillow rental service

        *Advance reservations required to join adjacent rooms using the connecting doors.
        *Advance reservations required for side bed installation. (only for connecting double bed when connecting to universal room)

        Guestroom Equipment & Amenities

        • Bath w/shower

        • Toilet w/warm water washing function

        • Climate control in each room

        • Room phone

        • LCD television

        • VoD service (at additional cost)

        • LAN connection・LAN cable

        • Wi-Fi connection

        • Outlet with USB port

        • Baggage rack

        • Refrigerator

        • Electric kettle

        • Hair dryer

        • Air purifier with humidifying function

        • Deodorant spray

        • Slippers

        • Shoehorn

        • Hangers

        • Accessory tray

        • Drinking glasses

        • Roomwear (2-piece)

        • Bath towels

        • Face towels

        • Bath mat

        • Adjustable lighting

        • Massage chair

        *Stylish Single rooms equipped with baggage rack, adjustable lighting, and massage chair.
        *Universal rooms, Superior Double rooms, Connecting Double rooms, and Connecting Twin rooms are equipped with baggage racks.
        Not equipped with LAN connections, LAN cables, or air purifiers with humidifying function.
        *Japanese-Style rooms not equipped with LAN connections or LAN cables.

        Guestroom Amenities

        • Toothbrush set

        • Shaving razor・Shaving gel

        • Hairbrush

        • Body soap・Body towels

        • Shampoo・Conditioner

        • Hand soap

        *Other amenities are available at the Amenities Corner on the 1st floor in front of the Reception Desk.


        All six of the JR East Shinkansen lines stop at Omiya Station here in the “railroad town” of Omiya.
        This station is second only in all of Japan to Tokyo Station in terms of the number of lines that run through it.
        Limousine bus service to Haneda Airport and Narita Airport is available.

        access map

        A 3-minute walk from the East Exit of JR Omiya Station.
        The perfect starting point for your travel and business

        Route from JR Omiya Station to Pioland Hotel

        • Route 1

          1Exit the ticket gate at Omiya Station and make your way to the East Exit.

        • Route 2

          2Proceed diagonally to the left, and continue further in the direction of the East Exit (North).

        • Route 3

          3Go down the stairs at the East Exit (North).

        • Route 4

          4Exit Omiya Station from the East Exit (North) and follow the road diagonally to the left.

        • Route 5

          5Turn left at the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstore, and proceed straight along that road.

        • Route 6

          6You will arrive after walking for about one minute. The entrance is right there just as you go down the road to your right.

        Paid Parking

        We recommend Omiya Garage (a multi-story automatic parking facility) when parking your vehicle.

        Capacity230 spaces
        Hours7:00am - 11:00pm
        Height limitUp to 2 meters
        Price¥200/30 minutes (up to ¥2,000/day)
        Preferential rate[Overnight Guests] ¥1,000/24 hours


        *Parking lot reservations cannot be made.
        *Please be sure to bring the ticket issued to you when you parked your vehicle when you check in, as we will keep it for you during your stay.
        *When retrieving your vehicle, please pay in advance at the manned service counter. Please note that the preferential rate does not apply to payments made via payment machines.
        *Vehicles cannot enter or exit between 11:00pm and 7:00am.
        If you will be using your vehicle outside business hours, please use a different parking lot.


        check-in/check-out 3:00pm (latest check-in: 11:00pm) / 10:00am (Sundays and holidays: 11:00am)
        Extensions / Curfew Check-out extension: Up to 2:00pm (additional fees apply; varies by room type)
        Curfew: None (Reception Desk service available 24 hours a day)
        On-Site Facilities & Equipment Lobby & Reception / Amenities Corner / Breakfast Area “Frontier” / Conference-Banquet Room / Vending Machine Corner / Laundry Room (reservation required)
        Services Laundry service / package delivery / VoD card vending machines / ice machines / fax / copier / garment presser
        Items Available for Use Desk lamp / iron / trouser press / sewing set / mobile device charger / plastic umbrella / nail clipper / bottle opener / wine opener / thermometer / wheelchair / blanket / buckwheat husk pillow / memory foam pillow / bead pillow
        *Quantities are limited. Please contact the Reception Desk to use these items.
        Services for Children Bed sharing free of charge for children younger than elementary school age (*1), amenities for children, picture books, baby bed installation (*2), bed guard installation (*3), diaper trash box installation (*3)
        *1: Bed sharing is limited to one child per bed. (1 child in a Double room, up to 2 children in a Twin room)
        *2: Cribs may only be placed in Standard Double rooms. Advance reservation required due to limited quantities.
        *3: Advance reservations required due to limited quantities.
        Smoking Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hotel with the exception of the floors where smoking is permitted. Heated tobacco devices (Iqos, etc.) cannot be used on non-smoking floors.
        The smoking area on the 2nd floor is available for use during breakfast hours (6:30 to 9:00).
        Credit Cards VISA, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, UC, DC, NICOS, OMC, UFJ Card, MasterCard, Saison, JACCS, CF, UnionPay
        Conditions & Notes Reservations will be cancelled in the event that guests do not arrive or contact us by 11:00pm.
        Breakfast: Japanese/Western-style buffet, 6:30 - 9:00 (last entry at 8:45)
        Cancellation Policy In the event of failure to arrive without giving notice, 100% of the room fees will be charged.
        Cancellation fees will not be charged for cancellations due to natural disasters or other unavoidable circumstances.
        Sustainable Development Goals

        We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we strive to give our guests a reason to "smile every day" by staying at our hotel.

        • TABLE FOR TWO
        • KATARIBA
        • Team Eat All

        Pioland Hotel

        1-35-2 Miyacho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 330-0802



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